What is Plastic Surgery ?

Plastic surgery is an elective procedure in which a part of your face or body is changed or improved. If you are considering plastic surgery, make sure you know what this surgery involves before you decide.

Plastic surgery has the same risks as any other surgery. Therefore, it is necessary to think carefully before deciding to perform this operation.

The most common plastic surgery nowadays is thoracic surgery. Then it can be said that the most popular procedure is eyelid surgery which is a form of facial rejuvenation which makes the face look younger.

Also among these surgeries are rhinoplasty, liposuction (by removing unwanted fat through a surgical tube), abdominoplasty (by removing skin and fat from the abdomen) and vaginoplasty (by reshaping the labia that surround the vagina).

Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery

Although they are referred to interchangeably, plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are not the same thing.

Plastic surgery focuses on repairing and reconstructing abnormal parts of the body caused by birth defects, developmental abnormalities, trauma, infection, tumors or disease.

While cosmetic surgery is a type of plastic surgery in which a person’s appearance is changed, it is performed to change the appearance of a healthy person to achieve a more beautiful appearance. But this may have a positive effect on self-esteem, as there is no physical or medical reason to do this procedure.

Cosmetic surgery is not risk-free, as it carries the same risks as any surgery, including infection and clot.

Anyone who has had cosmetic surgery should understand that it will not solve life’s problems. However, some people find that cosmetic surgery has health benefits by improving their self-esteem.

As some people are very upset because of their natural and normal appearance, which may lead to depression or low self-esteem, so cosmetic surgery has health benefits for such people.

Is plastic surgery painful ?

Plastic surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Patients may need to take morphine for pain relief after some surgeries, and this may be prescribed as a pain reliever for a few days afterward. It is unusual to feel pain after rhinoplasty surgery. But you may experience some pain after breast and abdominal surgery.

Is Cosmetic surgery safe ?

Cosmetic surgery is not risk-free. It carries the same risks as any surgery, including infection and clot, as well as all the risks associated with a particular procedure, it can include wound infection, bleeding and scarring, but these risks are rarely life-threatening or long-term.

After the surgery, bruising and swelling will appear, which may take weeks and months to subside, depending on the surgery that was performed.

Plastic surgery departments:

The Department of Plastic Surgery includes a range of operations aimed at repairing and rebuilding body tissues or skin. Here are some of them:

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