Chin plastic surgery is a common cosmetic procedure for both men and women, and this process is one of the facial plastic surgeries that are popular with many people as it helps them to increase their self-confidence and increase the proportion of their facial features with each other. is a cosmetic surgery that applies to people who are not satisfied with the proportion of the chin with the face and its lines. After determining the structure of the chin and the problem that is bothered by it, the aesthetic criteria to be applied are determined.

Thanks to the Magie Care center, your beauty standards are achieved in proportion to the face, so our specialized and professional surgeons determine the shape and size to be achieved according to the standards that the doctor deems appropriate from an aesthetic point of view.

What is chin plastic surgery ?

It is a process in which the shape of the chin is changed to suit the aesthetics of the face. This process may include the implantation of implants in the chin, so the result will be very impressive.

Often, plastic surgeons recommend chin surgery to patients who wish to undergo rhinoplasty, and this is done to maintain the aesthetic proportion of the face. With Maggi Care Center, we offer you very important offers to achieve the result you aspire to.

Chin plastic surgery is performed for people who are not satisfied with the appearance and shape of the chin area on the lower or upper side, or who suffer from a lack of proportion and consistency of the chin with the face dimensions and people who want to get a small chin with smooth lines.

Before the  chin plastic surgery

Before the operation, the case is examined by our medical specialists, who assess the need for the operation. You should fully explain your medical condition to them, explain any chronic illnesses you have, and explain any surgeries you have had in the past. It should also list any medications you are taking, whether prescription or over-the-counter.

Chin plastic surgery procedure

Anesthesia: Chin aesthetics usually require general anesthesia of the patient.

Making the surgical incision: This incision is simple and discreet and recovers quickly and well. Sometimes the surgical incision is made from inside the mouth.

Procedure: The operation is done according to the condition of the patient. Some implants are implanted or fat is injected when trying to enlarge the chin. Part of the fat is removed or the bones of the lower jaw are reshaped to obtain the ideal shape of the chin as desired by the patient. Then the incision is closed.

It is recommended to rest completely in the postoperative period, and it is also recommended to eat soft and liquid foods and to avoid hard foods that require chewing effort. It is also advisable to avoid smoking to help speed wound healing. It is also advisable to avoid exposure to shocks. Finally, it is recommended to use special pillows for sleeping and to try to sleep lying on your back for a period after surgery.

Double chin

The case of double chin, or what is called glottis, is when the person’s neck is too big, or more precisely, the area between the chin and the neck is the one that is too big. this area is believed to set the boundaries between the chin and neck and give the neck its flow. And its graceful shape as its edges descend from the bottom of the chin at a semi-right angle, drawing the edges of the jawline until it reaches the throat and then connects to the neck. For those with a double chin, these borders disappear, fill out, sag, and bulge, creating a mass connecting the chin and neck area, so owners are unable to tell where the neck ends and begins. the chin !

A double chin appears for several reasons, and it does not only mean obesity. The person may be skinny, but he has a double chin. The reason may be the accumulation of fat in this area and its accumulation, and the neck does not consume its fat, but rather the fat accumulates under the skin until it grows and the second chin is formed , and sometimes it’s genetic In the genes, it can be due to the problem of excessive sagging of the skin or the sagging of the neck muscles themselves under the skin, and sometimes the deformity of the jaw or a problem with this is one of its causes and by treating it, a double chin can be cured.

There is no single fixed operation in this field, but many methods, processes, mechanisms, and even non-surgical methods have been proven to yield remarkable and sometimes magical results.

Double chin surgery is often seen as an extension of the face reshaping process, the neck reshaping process or both together, its purpose is to define and outline dimensions and features.

The aim of our Magie Care center is to overcome obstacles and get rid of double chin, including all the modifications that must be subjected to the neck and chin, such as tightening of muscles and skin, elimination of excess fat and removal of excess skin as well.

Double chin Removal Steps

La chirurgie du double menton repose principalement sur la base d’une liposuccion de l’excès de graisse situé sous le vrai menton, et la personne est soumise à une anesthésie générale ou partielle, puis le médecin fait deux petites incisions derrière les deux oreilles et parfois, si nécessaire, fait une troisième petite incision sous le menton, puis Il enlève la graisse accumulée dans le menton par liposuccion et rend le cou plus léger et plus fin. Vient ensuite le processus d’ajustement du cou et du menton et de leur définition après l’élimination de l’excès, de sorte que le médecin commence d’abord par les muscles.Souvent, le médecin devra le couper et s’en débarrasser, et parfois il le resserre et le resserre puis ferme les plaies résultantes et l’opération se termine

Expected risks in chin surgery

  • The body’s rejection of the implant used to enlarge and beautify the chin, and the body’s attack on the chin with inflammatory substances in an effort to get rid of the implant (which requires surgery to remove it ).
  • Exposure to clots or scarring and surgery on the chin can lead to swelling and blue discoloration for a period after the operation, but these symptoms disappear quickly.
  • Exposure to cut in certain small and large nerves.

These risks are all limited and relative and can be minimized by a good choice. It is also important to completely follow the doctor’s instructions before and after the operation, as this reduces the risks and helps to maximize the success rate of the operation.