As we all know that the face is the mirror of a person and with age, wrinkles and slackening begin to crawl on the face, which reduces its freshness and youth, and then the endeavor begins to rejuvenate the skin through the use of creams and lotions or the use of non-surgical techniques such as injections or threads, but sometimes it may It requires what is more effective, and here comes the role of surgical face-lift operations, and this process is currently one of the most important operations in the world to get rid of wrinkles permanently.
Among the main causes of wrinkles on the face:

  • aging
  • DNA.
  • Smoking and alcoholic beverages.
  • Staying up late and using computers and mobile phones a lot.
  • Lack of drinking water, malnutrition.
  • Losing weight quickly.
  • Depression and psychological stress.
  • hormonal changes;

Prepare for operation

The doctor determines the patient’s condition accurately to decide which operations are more appropriate for his condition, and takes this decision in light of the patient’s wishes and the results he hopes to achieve. There are patients who want to avoid surgery that is performed under general anesthesia, and some of them want the best results, regardless of the cost of the operation or the risks that may be exposed during it.

One of the most important factors affecting the success of operations is the patient’s discussion of his goals and expectations with the doctor, and he must commit to presenting his medical history so as not to negatively affect the results of the operation.

Preparations for the operation begin with the patient undergoing some medical tests to determine his health condition, and the doctor gives him some instructions that must be adhered to in the period leading up to the surgery to ensure its success. and the most important :

  • Stop taking any preparations containing cortisone, aspirin or warfarin in the week prior to the surgery. Because these preparations increase blood flow and may cause increased bruising and swelling, and some of them increase the chances of the patient’s exposure to infection.
  • Stop taking some anti-inflammatories and pain relievers so that they do not cause bleeding during surgery.

Facelift surgery steps

1- Anesthesia:

Anesthesia is the first step in any surgical procedure. In a surgical facelift, anesthesia is total.

2- Treatment of sagging skin :

The second step in the face-lift operation is to make a surgical incision on both sides of the face behind the hair line so as not to leave visible scars.

If the case is not severe, the facelift is performed in a miniature and the incision can be made on both sides of the ear only

3- Skin tightening:

Excess skin and muscles are tightened and sutured, and facial sagging is tightened. The operation may include implanting some stents or injecting some fat in the face to help restore the skin’s youthfulness and youthfulness. Closure of the surgical incision, the incision is closed, bandages are placed on the face, and the patient is discharged to recovery to start waiting for the results.

The duration of the operation ranges between 4-5 hours, depending on the condition of the person. And the results of the face-lift operation by surgery appear after the recovery period. One of the most important advantages of a surgical facelift is that its results last for longer periods.

In general, to maintain the results of the operation, it is necessary to protect from the sun in the long term, and follow a healthy diet that includes drinking sufficient amounts of water, exercising regularly, and avoiding smoking and alcoholic beverages.

Facelift with Stem Cell Injections 

Beauty is about health, youth and youthfulness, and we all want to keep it for as long as possible. Men and women, because no one likes facial wrinkles and tired circles under the eyes.

We all look for harmonious features, and we all hate the dissonance of features, wrinkles and the effects of aging, and we want to delay their appearance as much as possible and treat them. And when plastic surgery is offered, but some look at it with fear and apprehension, expecting great side effects and huge risks that make it the last solution that they think of resorting to.

But as soon as the issue of stem cell treatment for the face comes up, the picture changes completely and questions begin, what are the benefits of stem cells for the face? What is the nature of stem cell therapy? Who are his candidates? Can facial stem cell injections restore youth and beauty?

Definition of stem cells:

Stem cells are cells that are able to divide and differentiate according to the medium in which they are injected. These cells consist mainly of fat cells, which is what makes them correct facial imperfections and the effects of aging.

To simplify the matter, the doctor withdraws an amount of fat from the body through liposuction, and then re-injects this fat into the face. It depends on some specific techniques in liposuction to preserve the vitality of the stem cells until they are injected.

These cells are not only divided into fatty tissue that supports the face, but also contribute to the formation of new blood vessels that maintain the results of fat injections for longer periods. The reason for this is that it transforms the injected fat into a vital tissue that is in harmony with the needs of the body and provides it for it in full, instead of relying on external materials that are injected and may not provide the needs of the face and skin as a whole.

Tips after a facelift

To avoid many complications and damages that follow the facelift procedure and to speed up the recovery process; You must follow the doctor’s advice, and the following are the most important tips:

  • Make sure to clean and moisturize the face after removing the bandages to reduce the growth of bacteria and fungi on the wound.
  • Avoid applying makeup on the face for up to a month to avoid any complications.
  • Drink enough water, in addition to eating a balanced diet that includes fruits and vegetables, to speed up recovery.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for a sufficient period after the operation.
  • Use cold compresses, and avoid bending for long periods or lifting heavy weights to reduce facial swelling.
  • Avoid strenuous activities and exercises after the operation and for a period of two weeks.

Facelift risks

A face-lift operation, like other surgeries, may cause some damage and side effects that follow the operation, and these symptoms disappear over time, and among the most famous damages that may follow a face-lift operation:

  • Pain and numbness in the face: The feeling of pain, discomfort and numbness of the face in the area of ​​the operation may continue for a period of time and then go away, and the doctor prescribes after painkillers to overcome this feeling.
  • Facial swelling: Swelling is one of the side effects that accompanies surgeries in general, especially face-lifts. Swelling may persist for several days after the operation, but it gradually disappears during recovery.
  • The appearance of some bruises on the face and around the eye: It is one of the damages associated with facelift as a natural reaction of the body, and the bruises begin to disappear during recovery, and recovery begins within two weeks, but it may take two months to fully recover.
  • Leaving scars on the face: It is one of the damages left by the operation and may continue for several months after the operation before it begins to disappear.
  • Exposure to infection during or after the operation: Infection can be prevented and controlled by known infection control methods and by taking the appropriate preventive antibiotic for the case.

Types of facial stem cell injections

Stem cell injection for the face is one of the techniques of fat injection in a special way to give improved results. There are three known types of this process:

  • Injecting facial stem cells through fat cells.
  • Ultra-strong stem cell injection. This is done by extracting stem cells from among the fat cells and adding them to other fat cells until they become rich in stem cells.
  • Stem cells injection through protein-rich plasma (PRP stem cell rejuvenation therapy).

Benefits of stem cells for the face

  1. Longer lasting results, as you will not have to repeat stem cell injections every short period.
  2. These cells divide to provide the skin and face with everything that restores freshness and beauty.
  3. The injected fat cells provide new blood vessels (new vascularization) that provide the skin with the necessary nutrition and give it health and freshness.
  4. Stem cells provide the skin with new cells that are able to secrete collagen.
  5. Promotes the renewal of facial skin cells
  6. Stem cells give the face freshness and radiance.
  7. Treat wrinkles around the mouth and forehead wrinkles.
  8. Treat drooping eyelids.
  9. Treat dark circles.
  10. Treat scars and wounds.
  11. Stem cells treat sagging facial skin and drooping eyelids.

Face Stem Cell Therapy Candidates

The ideal candidate for stem cell injection for the face is everyone who suffers from the effects of aging, or who suffers from some scars or wounds on the face, and decided to receive stem cell treatment through fat injection process. More precisely, every suitable candidate for a fat transfer procedure is considered a suitable candidate for a facial stem cell injection.

This person is required to be:

  • A non-smoker because smoking makes it difficult to recover and destroys the results of facial stem cell injections.
  • He does not have any chronic health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or blood flow diseases, because these diseases can increase the risks that a person is exposed to during treatment.
  • To stop taking any medication that causes blood thinning before undergoing stem cell injections for a sufficient period, so as not to cause unwanted bruising during the injection.

Advantages and disadvantages of stem cell therapy for the face

One of the most important advantages of the stem cell injection process for the face is its great results, which last for long periods compared to most of the traditional and modern face-lift techniques.

This process is also characterized as not leaving scars like facelift operations. It also treats cases that are somewhat more difficult than those that can be treated with fillers or regular fat injection techniques. In addition to being a local (non-invasive) method that does not require more than local anesthesia, and does not even need local anesthesia in some cases.

The most important disadvantage of stem cell treatment is its very high cost compared to known fat injection techniques, and its price even exceeds the cost of face lift operations. Its high cost is due to the high cost of extracting and injecting stem cells and preserving them for a whole year, during which the doctor conducts two follow-up sessions until the condition stabilizes and the desired final results are achieved.

The second drawback of the stem cell injection method is that it requires a highly skilled doctor to be able to extract the stem cells.

The need for this skill decreases in cases of extracting stem cells from blood (blood plasma), but the injection process also requires a highly skilled doctor.

Expected recovery period after facial stem cell injection

Facial stem cell injections require nothing more than to extract stem cells in a simple procedure that takes about 30 minutes. The next day, you can undergo the injection process, which takes no more than another 30 minutes. After that, you can return to your normal life with some caution from exposure to the heat of the flame (oven or heater) and from exposure to direct sunlight. Some anti-inflammatory creams can also be used several hours after the injection. Avoid using cold ice packs directly on the skin. Other than some minor pain that can be controlled with the usual pain relievers, you can return to your normal life as soon as you leave your doctor’s office.

The difference between stem cell treatment for the face and facelift operations

The truth is that the process of injecting stem cells for the face is superior to the face-lift process through surgery in that it does not leave scars or wounds. It is also a simpler, less dangerous and painful technique compared to surgeries. The person is not exposed to general anesthesia and this is what makes it preferred by many people.

When will the results of facial stem cell injections appear ?

The results of stem cells appear within a few weeks after the operation, and appear gradually with the disappearance of swelling associated with the injection process, which may last for up to a week. The final results of the operation are stable within three to six months, after which you can undergo a follow-up session and make any correction you wish.

The results last for five to ten years, and this period depends on a healthy lifestyle, eating a balanced diet and exercising. Smoking also reduces the duration of the results because it accelerates the aging process.