A lip lift is a process that helps remove wrinkles from the lips and increase their freshness.

In order to achieve this goal, Magie Care is keen to use the latest technologies that help beautify the lips and make them more attractive and beautiful by helping to get rid of their flaws and problems.

Lip Lift Methods

Beautiful lips are one of the most important features of beauty on a woman’s face, which poets, ancient and modern, sing about, and accordingly women’s interest in achieving a healthy and beautiful appearance of lips free from cracks and increased dryness.

In our Magie Care center, we offer you the most important and important lip tightening methods:

Filling technique:

The use of the filler technique has appeared recently by specialists in the field of aesthetic medicine and its use has spread thanks to the effective results it provides in this field, and the lips are injected with a saline solution containing hyaluronic acid, which helps eliminate lip wrinkles and limits their appearance, and also helps to give them freshness, gravity and rosy color.

laser technology:

The reason for using laser technology in the lip tightening process is the ability of laser rays to penetrate the tissues and remove the top layer of skin to make way for younger looking skin.It also helps to the process of firming the skin layer and increasing its freshness, and the most important feature of laser technology is that it lasts for relatively long periods compared to other technologies, which can reach about 10 years.

Platelet Rich Plasma Technologies:

In this cosmetic procedure, plasma rich in platelets and nutrients is extracted from the person’s blood, then the plastic surgeon injects it and distributes it equally in the upper and lower lips. This technique stimulates the production of collagen which maintains the skin youth and freshness and limits the premature aging process of the skin.

Botox technique:

Fine lines often form on the surface of the lips as a result of the continuous tightening of the muscles of the lips, and for this reason the aesthetic doctor injects Botox through a very fine needle and then distributes it around the entire circumference of the lips where Botox works to relax the muscles of the lips, reduce their sagging and eliminate fine lines with it.

Chemical scrub:

A chemical peel is a procedure that removes the top layer of skin so that a new, younger layer can replace it. Chemical peels can help improve the appearance of fine wrinkles, mild scars, fine lines, and blotchy skin. It is particularly suitable for the upper lips. There are different types of chemical peels that vary greatly in strength and intensity.

Benefits of Lip Lift

  1. Get rid of sagging: The lip lift process helps get rid of sagging skin, which is usually the result of the aging process, dehydration, smoking, or one of various other causes .
  2. High Safety Rates: The lip lift procedure is characterized by its high safety rates compared to other cosmetic procedures, as it does not involve subjecting the patient to the stage of general anesthesia or performing complex surgeries, so it is on the list of the safest medical procedures. and surgical techniques.
  3. Restore self-confidence: The lip lift process contributes in a real and perceptible way to restoring a person’s self-confidence, because our outward appearance greatly affects our outlook on ourselves and our self-confidence.
  4. Quick Results: Lip tightening techniques offer quick results for those who are about to perform them, as in most of the techniques, the time for results to appear takes very little time compared to other operations cosmetics.
  5. Ease and Efficiency: The lip lift process is characterized by its ease and efficiency, as it does not involve going through complicated medical steps and the patient does not perform any prior medical or laboratory tests, and it is generally available for all different age groups. except in special medical cases decided by the patient.

Lip lift risks

  • Sensation of pain: This operation may cause a slight pain or tingling sensation, which is easily managed by using light local anesthesia before the operation, and later safe painkiller tablets can be taken to overcome the pain. temporary feeling of pain.
  • Inflammation and Swelling: Inflammation and infection usually occurs due to tender skin and tissue in this area, which is common in this type of operation, which can be overcome later through the use certain anti-inflammatories.
  • Transmission of infections: The main reason for this problem lies in the lack of attention to hygiene and sterilization procedures, so care must be taken to follow the sterilization steps to avoid transmission of infections.
  • Non-permanent results: different types of lip tightening techniques are characterized by obtaining non-permanent results, but only temporary results, and in most cases, the patient may need to repeat the operation after a certain period of time time to maintain results.
  • Undesirable Results: This process is likely to produce undesirable results such as excessive lip fullness, uneven lip size, lip atrophy or increased sagging.