Many women resort to breast plastic surgery to feel more confident, to learn more about plastic surgery and its types.

The forms of cosmetic breast surgery vary according to the woman’s desire and need; It is divided into four sections, namely:

  • Breast Augmentation.
  • Breast reduction.
  • Breast reconstruction or implantation.
  • Breast lift

Breast Augmentation Surgery

It is performed in genetic cases where the woman’s breast size is genetically small or due to shrinkage of breast size after the end of the lactation period and discoloration of the lactation tissues which leads to small size breasts, or the reason is only cosmetic. The best thing that is used in breast augmentation surgery is its enlargement through artificial silicone material, breast augmentation surgery is one of the oldest known surgeries in the world. And that the artificial breast in no way affects the general health of the body. With the development of breast augmentation surgery through modern technology, it offers women the opportunity to continue the operation for life.

Procedures Before Breast Augmentation Surgery :

Before performing the breast augmentation operation, the patient is examined and the size of the breast is compared to the body. It is also checked if there is any sagging in the chest area to get rid of it, s there is sagging in the chest area and the patient wants to get rid of it in the same operation during the breast augmentation surgery, because the size of the chest is enlarged and lifted to achieve a smooth shape.

Choose the right silicone :

Before the operation, the patient is examined by the specialized surgeon and the doctor explains to her the steps that will be followed during the operation and the appearance and size of the breast after the operation.

Industrial silicone is divided into two shapes, the first is oval and the other is circular.Circular silicone is used to enlarge the upper part of the breast, and to make the operation results ideal, and to achieve a more beautiful shape, the first type of oval shape is likely to be used because it is used in the lower chest area. The first type, located under the breast, is often preferred because it helps give the breasts a more natural look and shape after surgery.

How to Perform Breast Augmentation Surgery :
  • The operation is performed under general anesthesia and the operation lasts from one to one and a half hours.
  • Breast augmentation is performed according to the shape desired by the patient and based on what was determined during the examination before the operation with the specialist doctor, whether it is of the lower breast and enlargement from the sides of the armpit side as well as about changing the position of the nipple After obtaining the consent of the patient, the breast is stuffed from below and a procedure is performed A fold under the breast to camouflage and not to return the operation clear and show completely natural breast.
  • The chest is incised about 4-5 cm to insert the filling inside the breast after the operation, and depending on the patient’s condition, he stays overnight in the hospital, and if his condition is stable, the patient goes home the next day.
  • After the operation the next day, the patient can resume his normal life and after 5 days he can start working.

Note: After performing breast augmentation, the patient may notice that the size of the breasts is larger than agreed with the doctor during the examination. This is normal, as the breast takes its natural shape after 6 months of operation.

Post-breast augmentation advice :
  • Wear the special bra for 4 weeks as instructed by the medical specialist.
  • Do not do strenuous work or sports for 4 to 6 weeks.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Many women suffer from very large breasts, because large breasts are not just a cosmetic problem, but can cause certain health problems, including: back pain, fungus growth under the breasts, difficulty in finding suitable bras , in addition to the effects left by the bra straps.The chest on the shoulders. Therefore, the solution to all these problems is surgical breast reduction.

Breast reduction methods :

There are many ways to perform breast reduction surgically. The choice of surgery depends on the structure of the breast, the estimated amount of breast tissue to be removed, the body structure, the amount of excess skin to be removed during surgery, and the extent of the sagging breasts.


  • Liposuction: It is possible to surgically reduce the breasts by liposuction, the surgery is performed through several small incisions of about 5 millimeters each, and then a liposuction device is inserted through them. This surgery is suitable for women who are interested in a small change in breast size and not interested in the appearance of scars. He does not do breast lift.
  • Breast reduction while keeping scars around the areola: This is the most common surgery in surgical breast reduction, and it allows a significant breast reduction and a breast lift at the same time. At the end of the intervention, there remain scars around the areola and vertical scars under the breast folds.
  • Breast reduction with inverted T-shaped scar: This surgery significantly reduces the breasts, and at the same time lifts the breasts, so it is very suitable for women with very large breasts. This method also treats breasts with a large excess of skin well, and at the end of the procedure there remains a scar around the areola extending from the areola to the folds under the breast, and a scar present inside the folds, and good photo.
  • Breast reduction operations with nipple movement: in this way, the nipple and areola are removed from the breast tissue attached to them, and they are attached to the skin and not to the breast tissue in a higher area, then to the rest breast tissue. is removed from the lower part of it.
    This method allows major breast reduction and the treatment of large excess skin, and surgical breast reduction in this way is intended for women with very sagging breasts, when the distance from the nipple to the exit area of ​​the neck is very large .
Procedures before breast reduction surgery :

The patient is examined by the specialist doctor and the patient is informed about everything that will happen during the operation, where the doctor explains everything about the shape of the breast, its size, what are the steps necessary to obtain the ideal shape , and what are the stages of the procedure After that, the doctor Clarifying the proper location of the nipple for the patient and what it will look like after the operation.

Before performing breast reduction surgery, a series of tests should be performed, including the following:

  • Regular blood test, such as: blood count, coagulation test, biochemical test.
  • Mammograms for women over 40 and ultrasounds only for women under 40.

Other tests are determined by their necessity according to age and the presence of congenital or familial diseases related to breast cancer.

How to Perform Breast Reduction Surgery :
  • The operation is performed under general anesthesia
  • The process takes about 2-4 hours
  • The breast is incised regularly and in a special way according to the type of breast reduction surgery, and the nipple can be replaced in the appropriate place during the operation depending on the condition of the patient.
  • It requires the patient to stay in the hospital for 1-2 days, and the patient can resume normal activities and life after 4-5 days of operation.

Note: Sensation may be lost in the area of operation as sensation gradually returns to the area over time.

Post-breast reduction advice :
  • Do not use a bra for 3 weeks, so as not to collect blood under the skin.
  • Take painkillers to ease the pain.
  • Do not practice heavy sports after the operation for 4 weeks from the date of the operation.

Breast reconstruction or Breast implants

When is breast reconstruction performed ?

The increase in the number of women being diagnosed with breast cancer has led to an increase in the number of women undergoing breast reconstruction after mastectomy. The medical solutions offered in these cases are numerous and very diverse, and are characterized by the possibility of being precisely adapted to the desires and needs of the woman. Since breast cancer is a very complex disease and requires precise treatment, it is very important to find the most appropriate solution for the woman who wants to reconstruct the breast after excision.

Breast reconstruction can be performed immediately, at the time of the excision itself or later. Despite the many advantages of immediate breast reconstruction, which takes place close to the excision itself, such as better aesthetic results, and of course a better psychological effect, the choice not to perform breast reconstruction at the time of female circumcision is more common. Of course, we take into account that the choice of a date for breast reconstruction depends mainly on the situation of the woman, since there are cases in which the process of immediate breast reconstruction is not possible at all, such as cases in which there are glands in different areas, such as the armpits, for example, or it is necessary to complete the treatment with radiotherapy.

Methods of breast reconstruction or implantation :

There are different ways to reconstruct the breast after a mastectomy. The choice of reconstruction method depends on the WA surgeon as well as on the woman who will be operated on, taking into account her age, morphology, size of her breasts as well as her wishes regarding the reconstruction process itself:

  • Using existing tissue: One way to achieve this is partial breast reconstruction, using either remaining breast tissue or tissue from other areas, such as the back, abdomen, or buttocks, through which the breast itself can be reshaped. This method, called oncoplasty, has many advantages, as it allows to obtain breasts with a texture similar to the natural breast and feeling as natural as possible.
  • Breast reconstruction with silicone grafts : one of the most common methods, which can be performed either immediately or later after mastectomy. In this process, a special silicone graft is inserted in different ways. One of the methods is implantation directly under the skin as well as under the chest muscles themselves. This option is suitable for cases where the chest is large and its size is large. In cases where the skin covering is very weak, this is done by expanding the existing tissue by implanting a temporary graft and injecting saline solution to expand it, or by implanting an inflatable graft.
Procedures before breast implants :
  • Several tests are done, such as: a complete blood count, a blood chemistry test and sometimes a chest X-ray.
  • You must consult the doctor about the medications that must be stopped before the operation, it is also forbidden to drink alcohol 48 hours before the operation, and you must stop eating and drinking for 8 hours before the operation .
How to perform a breast implant :

General anesthesia is performed before starting the breast reconstruction process. The duration of the operation depends on the type of implant chosen, since the process that uses an implant from the tissues of the body takes longer.

At the beginning of the operation, the patient is given intravenous antibiotics to prevent infection, then the surgical incision is made depending on the type of graft. Another incision is made in the chest to adjust the tissue of appropriate manner.

During the breast reconstruction procedure with an artificial implant, the surgeon creates a separation pocket in which the graft is inserted under the chest muscle (pectoralis muscle), then the incision is sutured with special cosmetic sutures coated with antibiotics to reduce the possibility of infection. The hospital remains under medical supervision for 24 hours after the operation. Chest pain and swelling often appear in the days following the operation. Several tubes are left in the surgical incisions to completely drain the fluid, then they are removed after several days. The recovery period takes about a week.

Post-transplant advice :
  • Rest and avoid overdoing it.
  • Immediately go to the doctor if there is a high temperature, shortness of breath, the appearance of purulent secretions and severe bleeding from the drainage tube.
  • Use painkillers as needed if you experience pain.

Breast lift

Breast lift surgery (breast mastopexy or breast lift) is cosmetic surgery to lift, tighten and reshape the breast by removing excess skin around the breast and reducing the size of the areola around the nipple to give the breast a more rounded shape. Among the causes of sagging breasts and the loss of their natural shape:

  • Pregnancy, Childbirth and Breastfeeding: During pregnancy, the ligaments that support the breast stretch because the breast becomes fuller and heavier, and this stretching can contribute to sagging breasts.
  • Significant weight loss or gain: Significant weight loss or gain, especially if this weight change rapidly changes the shape of the breast and stretches or shrinks the skin around it.
  • Aging: Breast sagging occurs in older and postmenopausal women, especially due to the change that occurs in the body and breast tissues due to hormonal change.
  • Genetic Factors: Heredity plays an important role in determining the size and shape of the breast and the strength of the ligaments that support the breast, known as Cooper’s ligaments.
Procedures Before Breast Lift Surgery :
  • Ask the doctor about the purpose of the breast lift surgery and the medical condition.
  • Inform the doctor about the details of the surgery, how to prepare for it, the techniques used, the factors that can affect it and its complications, the anesthesia and the length of hospital stay after the surgical intervention.
  • Stop smoking 3 to 4 weeks before surgery, in addition to foods, drinks and medications to avoid.
  • A mammogram, especially if she has a family history of breast cancer.
How to Perform a Breast Lift Operation ?

Breast lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia, takes 2-4 hours and the patient goes home the same day.

The surgeon performs the following steps:

  • Mark the incisions and determine the new position of the nipple on the breast.
  • Give the patient general anesthesia.
  • Making incisions There are several types of incisions that the surgeon can make and which differ from one woman to another, the most common of which are: an incision around the areola of the breast, an incision from the areola towards the lower part of the breast, a horizontal incision along the breast.
  • Removal of excess sagging skin, nipple lift and breast reshaping; With the aim of tightening and improving the appearance of the chest.
  • Close the incisions with stitches or medical tape.

In general, the healing process usually takes several weeks. It is recommended to rest and to avoid bending and straining, but in general, the pain after the operation is mild and tolerable, and it is normal for some signs of swelling appear. On the second day of surgery, the surgeon will remove the dressings and check the nipple color and blood supply. After 2-3 weeks, the surgeon will remove all stitches and the appearance of the breast will continue to improve with the weather.

Risks of Breast Augmentation Surgery : 

Complications after surgery are relatively rare, and these are the most important:

  • bleeding;
  • inflammation.
  • Change in breast and nipple sensation.
  • Asymmetry in the size and shape of the breasts.
  • scars.
  • breast pain
  • Shrinkage of the inner tissue of the breast, causing deformation of the breast.
Post Breast Lift Tips : 
  • Wear support bandages to reduce swelling and support the breast during recovery.
  • Rest and avoid overdoing it.