Freshness and beauty are the dream of every person, and the fear of the signs of aging invites many to try to remove all traces of age and old age from the face and body. This is why women resort more to plastic surgery of the face and neck.

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What is the neck lift operation?

A neck lift is a cosmetic procedure that aims to beautify the appearance of the neck and eliminate excess fat, sagging and wrinkles associated with age. The neck lift process depends on the removal of excess skin and fat from the neck area to give it a smooth and tight look. This procedure is often done with a facelift, but it can also be done as a standalone procedure.

Neck Lift Surgical Steps

Before surgery:

The operation is preceded by sessions with the medical specialist to take note of the patient’s medical history and indicate his state of health. The doctor also knows the reason for the operation. Before the operation, it is also necessary to identify the amount of fat under the skin, the thickness of the skin in the neck area. Will the patient need any additional operations such as facial fat injection or full face lift with neck during the operation? Or do you just need a neck lift?
There are many medical tests and scans that are required from the patient. Finally, smoking and alcohol must be stopped several weeks before the operation.

During surgery:

Anesthesia: Anesthesia is general or local, depending on the condition of the patient.

Making the incision: If sagging has tightened due to age or weight loss:

  • An incision is made behind the ear, then the skin is separated from the skin muscles.
  • After that, the doctor removes excess skin and fat, and then pulls the skin up and back.
  • Finally, close the wound with medical sutures and put on a bandage to protect the wound.
  • In case of sagging side muscles along the neck: A horizontal incision is made under the chin, then a small longitudinal incision is made, after which the skin is separated from the muscles, excess fat is removed and the vertical muscles are sutured in the middle.
After a neck lift operation:
  • During recovery from neck lift surgery, a bandage may be gently placed around your face and neck to reduce swelling and bruising. After the procedure is complete, there may be a thin tube to drain the blood or excess fluid that may collect under the skin.
  • You will receive specific instructions, including how to care for the surgical site and what medications to apply or take by mouth to aid healing and reduce the risk of infection.
  • It is important to keep your head elevated to reduce swelling. The time it takes to recover from a neck lift operation varies from person to person.

Complications of neck lift surgery

  • Swelling, puffiness, and bruising on the neck, which may last for some time
  • A feeling of numbness or tightness and pain
  • Infection is possible
    In order not to develop a fever as a result of an infection or infection, monitor yourself carefully and make sure that you are in good health and that your wound is healthy.